How to get into your first home

Richard Clark

When you start thinking about buying your first home, it can feel really overwhelming. Everyone gives advice, like your well-meaning aunty, friends, family, and Sharon on the front desk. When you add those opinions to the media harping on about how hard it is to buy your first home, it’s little wonder people just sign another lease, order some smashed avo on toast and think ‘next year’.

Well at become, we help people like you buy property everyday, and we totally understand what it’s like to go through the process because we’ve done it ourselves. We don’t just know the ins and outs of the system, we know what it feels like to be in your shoes. Which is why we’ve developed our very own First Home Buyers Pack. Not the normal guide you might have seen before that’s about as dry as Weet-Bix. Ours is packed with a little more flavour.
In the coming pages, you’ll find a step by step guide to purchasing, alongside some tips and tricks that we’ve picked up through helping hundreds of first home buyers. Have some fun with the process, enjoy the open homes and debates over tile sizes, and let us make this process something to enjoy.
We’re on your side, in your corner, the muscle in the fight. We’re here to get you what you need to turn the key in the door of your first home.

Am I Ready?

Being ready isn’t about knowing where to start, or having all the answers. Being ready is all about attitude. It’s ok to be nervous, have loads of questions or be a little unsure of things, but if you’re committed to really wanting your first home we’ll help you achieve that dream. We’ve helped people achieve things they never thought they could, and it was all possible because they had a real desire to make it happen.
So are you ready?

How does it all work?

The journey to getting into your first home can be a bit different for everyone. In an ideal world, everyone would follow the same path, but we understand that it’s not always plain sailing and sometimes things happen a little differently. At Become, we’ve seen it all before. We’ll help navigate the journey and make it as easy as possible to achieve your goal of getting into your first home. Here’s a guide to what you need to know and what you can expect:
“When I first spoke to the team at become I was daunted by the idea of getting a mortgage, and intimidated by the process. Their enthusiasm and encouragement transformed getting a mortgage from a scary, probably unachievable goal to something within my reach – and reassured me that they were on my side and would help me get there”
Ally Mullord