"When my clients get the home that they want I feel it deeply.”

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The process of buying her first home inspired her to get into the business, now, seven years later,  April Hastilow is Head of Lending at and has made the NZ Top Advisors list for the second year in a row. 

It sounds slightly corny but I genuinely care about each of my clients.  I love knowing that I have made things easier for them than they could have otherwise been.”

Looking back on the year, Hastilow cherishes the special moment when her clients secure their new home the most: “It’s such a rush because I’ve felt their losses along the way when they’ve missed out, so when they are successful in getting the home that they want I feel it deeply.” 

 This is the second year in a row that Hastilow has earned a spot on the coveted list. 

“This year has had so many changes thrown in with policies and the housing market so it’s easy to get lost in the day-to-day grind. Receiving this, and also the Young Guns award, this year was a nice deep breath in and a quiet moment to reflect on all of the little things adding up.” 

 Hastilow bought her first home when she was working in media, it was the process of being a first home buyer herself that inspired her to join the industry, so she could help others with this stressful yet rewarding process.

 “I remember how stressful it was, how nervous I was of making the wrong decision, of not wanting to ask a question that would be considered stupid. That’s why I love helping first home buyers because I can explain things in terms they understand, and make sure that they are armed with all the knowledge they need moving forward.”

 Hastilow has worked in the finance industry for the last six years. Her career started as a mobile mortgage manager for ANZ.

"I left ANZ because my manager kept saying to me ‘why would someone use a broker’ and I kept thinking ‘why wouldn’t they?!’

Moving into her role at two years later, Hastilow's results spoke for themselves and she quickly moved up the ranks to become Head of Lending for and its partner company Medcapital.

 “I love having more to do over the whole company and the different departments which allows for more input into the process and the client journey. We all work together like cogs in a machine that makes such an impact for clients, it’s great to be able to build that out.” 

 Hastilow and her team work with the rest of the company to ensure their clients are set up for the future that they desire. 

 “The company is full of incredible individuals with so many different drivers and passions, yet some real similarities in how much they want to help people and how enthusiastic they are about how we do”  

 Understanding first hand the stresses that new home buyers and home buyers can go through, Hastilow and her team love to make the process easier.

 “I remember our first build ended up going for 14 months and costing an extra $30k, and that was a risk in the contract that now I will warn others of if I see the same wording! I still use the lessons from this experience with my clients.”

 Hastilow helps home buyers navigate the process, assisting with the things that are big and scary, and reassuring them when something is small, but just casting a big shadow. 

“For me, the mark of a successful loan is the clients not knowing any of the stressors or the back and forth with the bank, just getting a really great deal, structure that they understand and works for them, and a great rate and cash contribution.”

 When asked what the next year holds, Hastilow is excited to see the wealth plans she has been a part of initialising this year manifest in the lives of her clients. 

 “I’m seeing the cycle of people moving from first home into next, having babies, new cars, new careers, new dogs (I get pictures which are the best), and investment properties, using strategies we laid out for them years ago.” 

 With more and more people choosing advisors over working with banks Hastilow is also looking forward to expanding her team “I’m really excited to grow my team in the lending division so there are more advisers, having a larger team means we will be able to help more New Zealanders who don’t even know how much potential wealth they have to realise their dreams” 


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