"The goal isn't more money, the goal is living on your terms"

Joseph Darby, CEO

Joseph Darby NZJoseph Darby NZJoseph Darby NZ

Become Wealth is about creating choices for all hard-working Kiwis

Hello! I’m Joseph Darby, the Chief Executive Become Wealth.

I’d love to share with you a little of why we do what we do.

We’ve been successfully working with people from all walks of life to grow their wealth and noticed that most New Zealanders did not think wealth services could possibly apply to them. When told outright that if they had $120k of household income and $150k of spare equity we could help make a difference of hundreds of thousands – up to millions – of dollars to their future wealth, people were surprised. It’s human nature – we always seem to think we have to wait until the next stage in our lives, or until we feel we have got to a point of comfort, to plan for the future. In fact the opposite is true:

The earlier you start, the less risky, the easier it is, and the fewer assets you need to make a significant difference.

As part of looking after the people that look after us, we needed to design a wealth service that was conservative, long-term, and would meet the needs of a discerning customer base. We started off with top-performing traditional wealth and investment approaches, but soon found that we needed to have the same level of senior ability in all aspects of a financial life, so we built our mortgage broking and insurance advisory to be the best in the business. Then, we added property investment and management expertise. Before we knew it we had created an all-of-financial-life dream team structure.

As we created this new model we also took inspiration from the people we were serving. These surface a range of ideas and create a consensus that takes into account risks and opportunities from many perspectives. Our firm was founded in 2012, and we haven't look back since.

A year from now you'll wish you started today.

One of the biggest factors in this number is that we help people get a plan while they are early in their careers. We know that most Kiwis could benefit from this approach too.

It's an exciting opportunity to grow the future choices, comfort, and security of New Zealanders. If we can get more Kiwis to know that every ten years they wait to start wealth planning could cost them a million dollars in the future, we could immensely change the financial future of anyone who engages us early. Getting started early is the key – we call it the 'power of time', and I think most New Zealanders are already familiar with the idea thanks to the compound growth of KiwiSaver contributions over time.

So we set out to start Become Wealth, using the same methods, experience and key team that have worked for key client groups we already work with, to offer this service to all New Zealanders.

If you’d like to learn more, we’d love to chat. Get in touch with our team today to see how we could help. Looking forward to talking.


Joseph Darby
Chief Executive

Our Financial Advisers

Joseph Darby NZ

Joseph Darby

Chief Executive

Joseph can provide you with financial advice on a range of investments and investment planning services.
A former Army Officer of 15 years, Joseph has spent several years in the Middle East.
Joseph has been a member of the team for five years and spends most of his time in Auckland.

Vinessa Orsbourn

Vinessa Orsbourn

Private Wealth & Risk Manager

Vinessa can provide you with financial advice on financial product investments, property investment, insurance, and investment planning services. Vinessa loves the outdoors and mountain biking around some NZ’s amazing nature trails. She also enjoys spending time with her new granddaughter.
Vinessa has been with the team for nine years and serves clients up and down NZ from the Auckland office.

Nik Velkovski

Nik Velkovski

Private Wealth & Lending Manager

Nik can provide you with financial advice on financial product investments, property investment, insurance, investment planning services, home loans, residential lending (mortgage broking), and consumer credit contracts. Nik lives and breathes football (soccer) and plays at a semi-professional level.
Nik serves clients up and down NZ from Melbourne. He makes routine trips back to NZ, and has been with the team for seven years.

Josh Copeland - financial adviser

Josh Copeland

Private Wealth & Risk Specialist

Josh can provide you with financial advice on financial product investments, property investment, insurance, investment and retirement planning services.
Josh loves the outdoors, skiing, hiking and plays Australian Football League (AFL) competitively, previously having represented NZ.  
Josh has been a team member for five years and serves clients up and down the country from Queenstown, where he recently moved.

Marcus Mannering NZ

Marcus Mannering

Risk & Lending Specialist

Marcus can provide you with financial advice on insurance, home loans, residential lending (mortgage broking), and consumer credit contracts. Marcus enjoys hunting, spending time with his family & has represented New Zealand in competitive shooting.
Marcus serves clients up and down NZ from the Christchurch office.

Our Support Team

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Nicole Prothero

Operations Manager

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Tammy Jenna

Risk & Compliance Manager

Margaret Maloney

Margaret Maloney

Adviser Associate

Bailey Coltman

Bailey Coltman

Adviser Associate

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Jess Biag

Adviser Associate

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Karmela Cesa

Adviser Associate

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Rizza Pe Benito

Compliance Specialist

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