Currency Exchange

Take advantage of currency exchange offers usually only made to high volume customers, and make meaningful savings on your international currency transfers

Why Use a Specialist Currency Exchange Service?

Sending money around the world is commonly expensive, time consuming, and complicated.

If you are not familiar with the currency market, your mainstream bank may seem the obvious choice to handle your payments, but their transfer fees and poor exchange rates can make it an expensive one. Banks might even take a margin of five percent over the daily exchange rate when they send your money overseas. That means on a wire transfer of $10,000 you could be paying up to $500 in addition to hefty ‘international transaction’ fees.

The Foreign Exchange Solution

To resolve these issues, Become Wealth has partnered with New Zealand’s largest specialist provider of foreign exchange, XE. XE Money Transfer offers an easy, quick and affordable way for both individuals and businesses to avoid the usual hassle, expense, and complications of international transfers.

XE Money Transfer lets you send, track and manage international money transfers anytime and anywhere from your mobile, tablet or desktop.

XE help you keep more of your money with fee free transfers and bank-beating exchange rates, regularly checking the main high street banks to make sure the overall price is better. XE also monitors the market to let you know if the rate you want has been reached. Plus, XE can check the status of your transfers 24/7, and keep you and your recipient updated along the way.

As one of the original dot-coms, XE helped kick-start the online revolution. They are proud to be the world's trusted currency authority. Their online tools have help over 250 million people annually.

So, whether you’re sending money to friends or family, starting a new life abroad or expanding your business overseas, why not put XE to the test and see how much you could save?

Open a free, no-obligation account and join the XE revolution today.

Xe Are the World’s Trusted Currency Authority

  • XE deliver wholesale exchange rates, potentially saving you thousands when compared with bank rates
  • XE is used by 280+ million people a year
  • XE money transfers are fee FREE
  • XE is the world's most trusted foreign exchange brand, with 60+ million downloads of the free XE app. This app gives users instant awareness of current exchange rates
  • XE offer a full range of risk management products allowing clients to benefit when currencies move in their favour
  • Client funds are held on trust in client trust accounts
  • XE allows you to make transfers, manage your account and track payments 24/7

How Will You Next Make a Foreign Exchange Payment?

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