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Become Wealth helps change your financial future

A tried and tested process to create or maintain lasting wealth

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Our interests are


We strive to get you wealthy or keep you wealthy. Your success is our success.

The power of A world-class


Your team of experts, working together

choose from great


To suit your phase of life, your circumstances, and what you want to achieve


5 Steps to Financial Freedom

This tried and tested process delivers a personalised and carefully considered blueprint for choices in life.


Financial Health Check

It might only take a half-hour call with us to go through your current situation, your future ambitions, your preferences, and your risk and return profile. Just like a traditional health check, it’s about fully understanding your overall health.

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Discovery - we dig deeper

We have a team of specialists across different areas of financial services, as well as access to external consultants. Using their expert insights, we'll develop a plan best suited to your current and future situation.

STEP Three

Strategy roundtable

The team collaborates to harness wider expertise and ensure everything is taken into account. Together, this will enable your financial adviser to model different scenarios and determine the best way forward to suit your unique situation.

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We then work with you to ensure that the plan fits your ambitions for both now and the future. We then help you implement the actions you decide to take.


Review and refine

We check in regularly to ensure your finances match your evolving needs. Our business is built on relationships and delivering value at every step.

Your long-term success is our success!

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Do the right things at the right times

We’ve helped grow and maintain wealth for thousands of New Zealanders.

Whether you're still building wealth, or you're already wealthy, we're standing by to help you achieve your dreams.

Stage 1-5

What stage of financial life are you in - have you missed a step?

Get your free 30-minute financial health check today.


How does Become Wealth make money?

The more financially successful you become, the more you're going to need us. That means your success is our success. We’re a business built on long-term relationships, and we're licensed as both a Discretionary Investment Management Service (DIMS) provider and Financial Advice Provider (FAP).

Depending on the solutions you implement, our business might be paid a combination of fees and commissions, which will all be agreed upon beforehand and transparently disclosed to you. All our advisers are paid a salary, not commissions, so you can be sure our whole team is focused on achieving good outcomes for you. You can learn more at our online disclosure.

Our interests are aligned: we want to get you wealthy and keep you that way.

Our processes ensure your finances are set up to achieve what you really want from life

  • Consider this. Have you ever heard of someone who - for a sustained period of time - ate nutritious food, exercised regularly and hard, slept well, and avoided stress, but still wasn't in top physical condition? Probably not. The same principle applies to your finances, except getting your finances right is usually easier than staying in shape!
  • If you're already wealthy, great, it'd be our pleasure to assist you to grow, manage, or live from your wealth, so simply get in touch.
  • If you're not yet wealthy, there's also great news: the majority of millionaires are self-made. Study after study has proven this beyond any doubt. Millionaires have been extensively researched, and if you'd like to become one, we know the steps you need to take. Book your complimentary initial consultation to start the process.
Joseph Darby NZ - not wearing a tie
Joseph Darby NZ - not wearing a tie
  • Over the years, we've helped thousands of people achieve their financial dreams. Every single day we see firsthand exactly what it takes to succeed financially in a long-term, sustainable way.
  • Whatever your phase of life, we know firsthand what it takes for you to achieve financial success, whatever that looks like for you. It's our sole job to ensure you have access to the tools and techniques to create or sustain your wealth.
  • Whether you're after passive income, wealth creation, or wealth sustainment, you're in the right place.

Our methodology and tools help you become financially free

Practical advice, life changing outcomes.

Joseph Darby NZ - not wearing a tie