How it works

Become Wealth helps change your financial future

We offer a unique all-of-financial-life approach, where we bring our team of experts together to build the right plan for your needs.

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The power of an all-of-life


Depending on your needs, age and stage of life

The power of A world-class


We have the best of all worlds, working together

The power of


The earlier you start the easier, and better the forecast


5 Steps to Financial Health

This tried and tested process delivers a personalised and carefully considered blueprint for choices in life.


Financial Health Check

It only takes a half hour call with us to go through your current situation, your future ambitions, your likely savings rate, and your needs for later life. Just like a traditional health check it’s about getting to the right prescription.

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Discovery - we dig deeper

We have a team of specialists across mortgage broking, insurance and investment. Using their expert insights, they'll each develop a plan best suited to your situation.

STEP Three

Strategy roundtable

The team comes together to do a roundtable session on your plan. Each area expert proposes their ideas, and as a group led by the senior financial advisor, they decide the best way these elements can work together, modelling the inputs for the best result.

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We then work with you to ensure that the plan fits your ambitions and ability to service while still living the life you want now. We then take care of all the decided upon actions, with our team of doers carrying out your plan with no extra stress or costs on you.


Review and refine

We check every year, every investment horizon and at every mortgage renewal to make sure that we have the best plan in place for your evolving needs. Our business is built on long-term relationships and delivering value at every step.

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Doing the right things at the right time

We help clients achieve the appropriate approach to risk and investments for their stage of financial life.

Many New Zealanders think the most responsible thing to do is just pay down the mortgage and then maybe think about growing savings after. With mortgage terms of 30 years, and the temptation of a bigger mortgage for a better place always around the corner, there is a smarter way.

Stage 1-5
Stage 1-5

What stage of financial life are you in - have you missed a step?

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How does Become Wealth make money?

This is a super easy question for us to answer - we run our service for a mixture of fee and commissions.  All our plans are presented with transparent cost structures, and all our returns quoted are net of costs. We’re a business built on long-term relationships, and we only keep clients if we keep providing outsize value.

Our planning process helps your finances achieve what you really want from life

  • Every one of our team are paid a salary, so they do not haveto make a sale, they need to create the best long-term value for you.
  • We offer a money-back guarantee on any of the fees we charge if you are not satisfied with the results. For example - for an initial plan we have a set hourly rate. We have never been asked to refund it.
  • Our service is mainly funded through commission costs that you are already paying someone else. For example, if we get you a better rate on your mortgage, we will get a commission from the lending bank, that does not cost you anything extra at all. We do the same with your insurance, any referral fees or property commissions.
Joseph Darby NZ - not wearing a tie
Joseph Darby NZ - not wearing a tie
  • Where given the choice we always take the smaller up front commission and go for smaller long-term residuals as that incentivises long term results.
  • Unlike most wealth advisers, we do not have only one product to sell - so we are able to be truly agnostic and offer you the advice that will benefit you the most, at the right time for you.
  • We rely on client referrals which helps us keep our marketing costs low, and consequently our fees to you. So, doing a great job and providing great value is our path to growth.

Our planning process helps your finances achieve what you really want from life

Practical advice, life changing outcomes.

Joseph Darby NZ - not wearing a tie