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5 Steps to Financial Health

This tried and tested process delivers a personalised and carefully considered blueprint for choices in life.


Financial Health Check

It only takes a half hour call with us to go through your current situation, your future ambitions, your likely savings rate, and your needs for later life. Just like a traditional health check it’s about getting to the right prescription.

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Discovery - we dig deeper

We have a team of specialists across mortgage broking, insurance and investment. Using their expert insights, they'll each develop a plan best suited to your situation.

STEP Three

Strategy roundtable

The team comes together to do a roundtable session on your plan. Each area expert proposes their ideas, and as a group led by the senior financial advisor, they decide the best way these elements can work together, modelling the inputs for the best result.

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We then work with you to ensure that the plan fits your ambitions and ability to service while still living the life you want now. We then take care of all the decided upon actions, with our team of doers carrying out your plan with no extra stress or costs on you.


Review and refine

We check every year, every investment horizon and at every mortgage renewal to make sure that we have the best plan in place for your evolving needs. Our business is built on long-term relationships and delivering value at every step.

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