10 Effective goal setting tips for achieving all your dreams in 2022

10 Effective goal setting tips for achieving all your dreams in 2022

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As 2022 approaches you may be thinking back to last years list of goals.  Perhaps you are smugly patting yourself on the back as you look at a list with every box checked, or perhaps you are wallowing as you lament goals missed.

Success in both your career and personal life can be easier to achieve if you set clear goals for yourself, so if it's the latter and you missed some (or all) of your 2021 goals try using some of the goal-setting techniques outlined below and you never know; 2022 might just be your year…

1. Set achievable goals, for example planning to become a billionaire in 2022 when you are currently earning 50k, may be a little far fetched (unless you stumble upon the cure for cancer or put all your money on the right piece of crypto) this could leave you deflated when your goal seems so far from reach. Instead, you could try something more realistic like a 50% increase in income.

2. Set smaller goals that lead the way to your larger ones. For example, you may want to achieve the goal of buying a property in 2022, but if you set smaller goals to get there ie. create a budget, save a deposit, find a second income stream, you will get a dopamine hit every time you reach one of these milestones and this will help propel you towards the ultimate big fish (or goal).

3. Set goals you are passionate about. Having passion for your goals provides the energy and motivation to take the actions necessary to achieve that goal.

4. Write your goals down or create a vision board and then find ways to remind yourself of them daily. This might mean setting your vision board as your screensaver or reciting your written goals daily.

5. Tell others about your goals. Yes, we give you permission to be that person, the person cornering strangers at a party to let them know what you plan on achieving this year. It's easier to hold yourself accountable for your goals if others know about them, so why not tell your local grocer and the receptionist at the gym while you’re at it?

6. Educate yourself. Make a booklist of possible titles that could educate and inspire you to achieve your goals and then go and purchase them all. If the books are sitting in your Kindle or on your nightstand it will be impossible to avoid them.

7. Stay positive and don’t forget to practice gratitude for how far you’ve come. Remember, less than 3% of people actually set goals, so you deserve a pat on the back just for getting some down.

8. Treat missed goals as a learning opportunity and not a failure. Return to your previous goals and evaluate the result of each one. If you achieved them have a think about why, if you missed them, think about why this was also and what you could do better next time.

9. Give yourself realistic timeframes for each goal, if on December 29th you tell yourself you want to be healthier, richer, and a pro basketball player by January 1st, well, that’s probably not going to happen - unless you spend New Years Eve in an Arabian desert cave and emerge with a magical lamp…

Instead, try to set realistic timeframes like in six-months time or by the end of the year.

10. Always remember your ‘why.’ When you take down your goals think about why you want to achieve these goals and what it would feel like to achieve them. Then think about what it would feel like if you didn’t achieve them and use this to inspire action.  Write down your ‘why’ and if you ever feel lost on your journey take a moment to reflect upon it.

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