Never Pay Full Price Again

Never Pay Full Price Again

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Online Bargain Hunting in New Zealand

We all love a bargain, especially in this economy! Call it whatever you please: bargain hunting, bartering, haggling – as long as humans have existed, we’ve been after a great deal. Sayings such as “only suckers pay full price,” are commonplace, so we thought it apt to help you hunt down every bargain possible.

With the soaring cost of living in New Zealand, finding a bargain can make a huge difference – especially for families juggling mortgage repayments, feeding many mouths, school fees, petrol costs, bills and all the other little expenses that add up. As a Stuff piece recently said,

“this country is being crushed by high inflation, cost of living and interest rates.”

Inflation has increased a whopping 7.2% according to Stats NZ, and when you go to buy groceries or pump gas into your car you could be forgiven for thinking it’s even higher. To quell inflation, rates have been hiked to their highest level in over 14 years, with the central bank indicating it expects more tightening as inflation remains too high.

In this climate, it’s a smart move to scour the internet for a possible discount before purchasing anything at full price.

Shopping Holidays

The Ideal Time to Save on Big Purchases

Do you need a new fridge or lounge set? Have you been seriously considering a Dyson vacuum cleaner or one of those cool Robot Vacuum your friend has, or replacing your BBQ with a trendy new Weber?

If the answer is yes, waiting for an online shopping holiday such as Black Friday or Cyber Monday might not be a bad idea. These shopping holidays are the ideal time to purchase any goods you need or have on your wish list for considerably lower prices. Kiwis spent $67 million on Black Friday sales in 2022.

Shaun Broughton, APAC Shopify Managing Director has been quoted saying that “we’ve seen consumers spend during this season to save in the long run, as they make more considered and conscious purchases from independent New Zealand brands.”

Yet it’s not always feasible to wait months for a particular sale to purchase an item you need. In that case, it’s time to scour the internet for potential coupons and discount codes.

The Best New Zealand Coupon Websites

What Are Digital Coupons?

People often aren’t aware that websites exist with literally thousands of deals for online goods and services, meaning you don’t always need to pay full price.

Do you remember when your grandma used to meticulously stack paper coupons for the Four Square grocery shop? Well, the digital era of couponing is here, meaning you can be as savvy as your grandma!

Digital coupons are essentially numerical and alphabetical codes that can be entered into the discount field on digital shopping baskets. Voila, your total sale price decreases and you can happily smile at your savvy savings!

Heed this advice – before you buy anything online, check to see if there is a coupon or discount code available!


With the soaring cost of living in New Zealand, GrabOne can make a world of difference to your everyday expenses. GrabOne probably takes the cake as the most well-known deal website in New Zealand. The website offers deals specific to which city you live in, from cheap dinners to discounts on hairdressers, half-price dental visits and heavily reduced furniture. GrabOne has almost any bargain you need, and it is a go-to if you want to save money on most things.  

Activity deals are a big draw card of GrabOne. During tough economic times, the first costs to go are the unnecessary ones – such as weekends away or spa days. Yet these little luxuries can be really important for one’s well-being, and relationships (every successful marriage prioritizes quality one-on-one time!) GrabOne offers a great opportunity to indulge at a far cheaper cost.  

The way GrabOne works is by offering vouchers to issuing merchants that you purchase through the website. You then present the voucher to the issuing merchant to cash in the promotional value. It’s as easy as that.


This browser extension is one of the best little known secrets of the internet. You simply add the free Coupert browser extension to Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Edge browsers. While you shop like normal on the internet, Coupert does all the heavy lifting by finding and testing coupon codes on websites. It then offers you the discounts it has found at the checkout, saving you money by giving you cash back right away!

It’s so easy you’d be a fool not to install Coupert. Honestly, what are you waiting for, do it. Now!


TreatMe is similar to GrabOne, although as the name suggests it’s a little more tailored to the luxury (aka treat) variety of things. It offers deals on an array of products and services – from massages to sculpture walks and dance classes.

You can find pretty significant travel deals on TreatMe, from 50 to 60 percent off resort stays in Fiji, Bali and Thailand. Yes, you read that right – 50 to 60 percent off!

Deals on arborists, mechanics and even heat pump services can also be found on Treat Me’s service category. Honestly, this website is just filled with great cheap surprises!

First Table

If you’re a foodie after a deal, First Table should be your go-to. If you’re prepared to eat early, First Table offers 50 percent off the food bill at participating restaurants when you book the first table through their website. You’ll find that delicious eateries such as Shed 5 and Pravda Café in Wellington and Harbour Society and Tasca in Auckland are on First Table, which is ideal for a cost-effective date night or catch up with friends.

Stuff’s Coupon and Promo Codes

Good old is bringing back the coupon section of the newspaper, but online of course! Their coupons page offers a huge variety of deals with over 100 different retail categories. From education to broadband, health and beauty and technology, it’s all there. Don’t do any online shopping without checking out Stuff’s coupon page first!

Buyer Beware: Fight the Urge to Splurge

Discounts can be addicting. Remember that retailers offer discounts to encourage you to shop! It can be easy to get carried away in a sale, or by adopting the mindset of “I’m saving money so I have to buy this now.”

You know the adage, never go grocery shopping while hungry, well that applies to coupon shopping too. It’s a great idea to a have a clear list of what you are intending to purchase and a non-negotiable budget – that way you save yourself from getting wrapped up in the sales!

The Bottom Line: Coupon Shopping in New Zealand

If you’re an online shopper who won’t settle for less than a bargain, the list above should definitely help you score a deal. Here are some final tips to help you save big:

  • Big purchases – if you need a new lounge suite or any appliances and have the option to wait, it’s a great idea to do so and score big on Cyber Monday or Black Friday!
  • Eating out doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg – if you’re making dinner plans with your spouse or friends, do some coupon scouring before making a reservation. Eating out can really make a dent in your budget, but coupons can help alleviate some of that pain!
  • You might be able to afford a holiday – travel deals on sites such as Treat Me can make that lavish winter getaway not so pricey. If the budget is right but you’re craving some RnR, do some bargain hunting!
  • Fight the ‘Urge to Splurge’ - remember that bargain hunting can be addictive. Set solid boundaries with your budget and know what you are looking for before you start hunting!

Every dollar counts, so every dollar saved is a win!

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