What an Insurance Broker can do for you

Richard Clark

Over the years, you’ll acquire assets that you want to protect. You're home, a nice car, perhaps multiple investment properties or the fishing boat that helps you get away from it all!

“there’s a lot of good options out there, but you need insurance that’s suited to you”

When it comes to insurance, there’s a lot of options and they’re not all created equal. There’s a lot of good options out there, but you need insurance that’s suited to you. This is where an insurance broker comes in. They’re very experienced in insurance and risk management.

Rebecca Allsopp is an insurance broker working with clients. Based in Christchurch, she’s seen the changes made after the Christchurch earthquakes and has an incredibly detailed knowledge of the industry.

“Behind us, we have a lot of very powerful expertise and I think even in the finance business, it’s a unique world and often misunderstood.”

“We can insure just about anything that can sink or burn, this includes houses, boats, motor vehicles, contents… that’s on the domestic side of things. Then there’s the commercial side –That’s your Café or the commercial side of your business.”

Why use an insurance broker?

The insurance industry in New Zealand offer many options. Some are only available to you via an insurance broker, others are easily available via the internet – it can be tricky choosing the right policy. The cheapest policies can be a false economy if they don’t provide you with the correct coverage and service.

“As a broker, we have a number of insurers that we deal with,” says Rebecca.

“We listen to the client, find out what they need and then find the most appropriate product and solution for them. We work with the top insurers, rated by coverage, response and other factors.

“We work for the client, not the insurers. We’re here to help in case the worst does happen. We’re also bound by insurance law to do what’s best for the client.

“In the event of a claim, we facilitate that for you at no additional cost. If you have a loss or damage, you’ll call us and we’ll work with the insurance company and help manage the claim for you. We try to take as much stress out of the situation as possible.”

Rebecca adds that in some cases, they’ve arranged with insurers the settlement of a client’s claims in just a couple of days. Because the insurance broking team at is small, you’ll only deal with one or two people – you won’t have to call a large call centre and repeat your story again and again to different telephone operators.

Working with the experts

“you can benefit from the strength and security that comes from scale, with the personal attention of your own broker” Rebecca and the team are PSC Connect insurance brokers. It’s a national (and international) network which enables Rebecca to tap into global expertise and skills when she needs to.

PSC Connect was formed to assist smaller firms like us. It’s a collective of all the smaller firms together, to give us more ability to take on the big brokers and come up with our own policies and benefits.

“We’ve got contact with top insurers and if we have a problem with any insurer, we can contact PSC Connect and they’ll talk to the management of the Insurance Company or seek legal advice and help us to sort it out,” says Rebecca.

PSC Connect is also a member of Steadfast Group Limited. That makes us part of Australasia’s largest general insurance broker network, which manages more than 2.3 million policies for small to medium businesses. So, you can benefit from the strength and security that comes from scale, with the personal attention of your own broker.

“They have a lot of pull and the resources for compliance and legal advice. We’ve got all of that at our fingertips. So, if a client is having issues with insurance or a claim we’ve got all that support, but we can still offer a caring and personalised service.”

Part of your financial plan

“protect your assets in case the unexpected happens”

Insurance should be part of your financial plan. You need to protect your assets in case the unexpected happens.

“ is there to help you put a financial plan in place so you can live your best life,” says Rebecca, “We’re on the other side of that. We’re here to help you protect those things and to facilitate in the event of a claim or a loss.”

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