How to Become a Millionaire With No Money in 2024

How to Become a Millionaire With No Money in 2024

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It may seem surprising, but “how to be a millionaire with no money” is a phrase that is commonly searched for on Google. 

So how do you become a millionaire with no money or with a little bit of money?

You could win the lotto (There’s a 1 in 383,838 chance in New Zealand), or you might discover you are long-lost Nigerian royalty, or you could receive a letter informing you that the English godfather (you never met) has passed away leaving you a lordship and an English estate. 

Yeah, right. 

I am sure we all dreamed of one of these things at some point or another, but the truth is you can become a millionaire with no money and it doesn’t have to be a Cinderella story. 

Most millionaires are self-made

A Fidelity Investments survey indicated that 88% of millionaires built their wealth themselves – they did not inherit it. This means they started with nothing, so you can too.

Here are 9 practical steps that you can take to become a millionaire with no money, the question is, are you ready to put in the work? 

1. Educate Yourself and Continually Expand Your Mind

The first step is to educate yourself, stop watching Hollywood movies and pick up some biographies of self-made millionaires or billionaires. 

A good place to start would be Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, or Elon Musk. 

Chomped through those? 

It’s time to get smart around money, we recommend starting with the classics Rich Dad Poor Dad, and Think and Grow Rich

In the digital age educating yourself is free. Read blogs and podcasts online on everything you want to learn about and never stop expanding your mind! 

You will be surprised at the ideas that start to percolate when you start nourishing your brain. 

2. Have a Wealth Vision 

Take the time to sit down and work out some goals and strategic steps you can take to reach them, your plans may change, but without a plan in place, you could find yourself floundering around without direction. 

Think about why you want to be a millionaire and what is it that will make you do whatever it takes to get there.

Then have a think about what your life would look like if you didn’t achieve your goals. This bleak-looking future is sure to inspire you to start chasing your them!

Having a financial vision propels you by attaching a purpose to your wealth and the effort spent in accumulating it.

3. Work Hard, and Then Harder!

In order to become a millionaire, you need to increase your net worth by making more money!

The best way to do this (with no money) is to look for services you can sell with no overheads; set up a freelance writing or consulting business, walk people’s dogs or mind their children, hustle hard and sell whatever you have to sell to work your way up.

These days the internet allows you to peddle anything online, sell pictures from your iPhone, or even the clothes off your back. The money-making ideas will begin to flow when you’re focusing on being an entrepreneur.

4. Save a Portion of Your Income

Once you start making some money put a percentage of it into a savings account not to be spent. Even if you are only bringing in a small amount it is integral that you do this. 

Saving money means that you have something set aside for emergencies. It also means that when an investment opportunity arises you will have the money available to fund it.

Being a self-made millionaire takes time even if you only save a little bit each week you are slowly getting closer to your goal.

5. Adopt an Abundance Money Mindset

Adopting an abundance money mindset doesn’t cost you a thing and can help you manifest your financial goals. 

Take a deep breath in and then out, close your eyes, and when you open them make a commitment to look around and be grateful for what you already have and stop comparing yourself to others. 

Make a vow to yourself that from this point onwards every time negative money thoughts come creeping into your mind that you will notice them and turn them around. 

Then prepare some positive affirmations and say them to yourself every day focusing on growth.

6. Be Selective With Your Time

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “time is money and wasted time means wasted money.” 

Time and how you use it is your greatest asset in your quest to becoming a millionaire with no money. 

We all have the same hours in the day, the question is how will you use yours?

Here are a few tips on how to use yours wisely. 

Squeeze in audiobooks whenever you can, whilst you are at the gym, in the car, or getting ready for work take the time to educate yourself. 

Re-think the time which you spend consuming Netflix, instead re-purpose some of this time to work on your entrepreneurial ventures. 

Finally, the one everyone finds the hardest, put limits on your socialising. Do you really need multiple coffees or catch up with friends each week or could you repurpose some of that time to work on your goals?

7. Invest 

In order to build your wealth, you need to invest, and invest wisely. 

Investing allows your existing money to work harder for you. If you don't invest, you are missing out on opportunities to accelerate your financial worth. Whether this is in funds or property, it’s time for you to start sticking your fingers in the investment pie. 

If you can manage to get your hands on a piece of property, any of the online marketplaces for lodging or temporary vacation rentals and tourism activities may give you a lucrative side hustle.

Our team at Become Wealth can help you with all things investment including finding an investment property.

8. Don’t Be Afraid to Take Risks

Did you know that Silicon Valley entrepreneurs get T-Shirts printed with their business failures and wear them proudly? 

Risk-taking enables and encourages innovation, sometimes, failures are not negative and they provide the most valuable business lessons an entrepreneur can learn.

Failure helps shape future business strategies and can eventually lead to business growth.

“With great risk comes great reward.”

If you take a risk and it fails, you learn, if you take a risk and it pays off it could propel you right into the million-dollar club. BOOM!

9. Speak to an Expert 

Everybody can benefit from a guide. 

Just like Luke learned from Yoda, and Harry lent on Dumbledore, you can enlist a guide to help you on your wealth journey.

Like Yoga was an expert on Jedi’s and Dumbledore on magic, we are experts in wealth management and we love helping Kiwi’s achieve their financial dreams.

Our financial health check is free, so if you want to be a millionaire, get in touch and we can guide you to achieving this goal.

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